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Teen Challenge

11224783_960604900640673_4700062101044727202_nOur 8-week Teen Challenge is a great way to introduce kids to a healthy lifestyle and keep them active while having fun.

Designed for kids between 13 and 18 years of age, this challenge incorporates everything from our 10-week challenge – kickboxing, strength training and nutrition guidance, just condensed and modified for a younger age.

Teen Challenges usually run during the summer months. Spots are limited, so check our schedule and enroll today!


Liz H.
* Individual results may vary.

"The past year has been a physical and emotional transformation. I’ve lost more pounds (72.8), body fat (21.8%) and inches (nearly 45 total inches)*. I’ve lost an entire wardrobe. However, it is what I’ve gained that I’m most thankful for. I’ve gained strength and confidence. My husband has become my workout partner and our partnership has never been stronger. I’ve been able to support him, and many others on their journey. I’ve gained the support and the camaraderie of a community that I happily call my Farrell’s Family.  What started as one of the most difficult and challenging series of months in 2013 has resulted in the most rewarding of months in 2014 and 2015. Life always throws twists and turns … some are exhilarating, while others are ones that are, well, something quite the opposite of exhilarating. Both have the capacity to leave a mark on your soul, equally powerful, and life changing. Little did I imagine the extent of the physical and emotional transformation that awaited me at Farrell’s. New challenges drive you to uncover who you are.  And to understand what you can accomplish. To get somewhere new, you must first decide that you are tired of being where you are. I am thankful every day for coming to that decision."

- Liz Hinz, 2015 National Contest Winner



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